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Front Splitter V.2 Audi Q3 S-Line 8U Facelift


Audi Q3 S-Line 8U Facelift  2014 - 2018 






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Maxton Design is a producer of high-end optical tuning parts that will meet the standards of even the most fastidious automotive fans. This Polish company is known in many countries across the world and offers diffusers, spoilers, bumpers, and splitters that allow you to overhaul the appearance of your vehicle, but also notably enhance its aerodynamics – traction and driving stability at high speeds. Maxton Design creates these products with a myriad of different car brands in mind, and this broad line-up also includes Audi Q3 S-Line 8U Facelift  . For this model specially the front splitter of modernized design was conceived. The item is fit to be installed directly upon delivery.

How does the Audi Q3 S-Line 8U Facelift  front splitter stand out?
- it’s UV-secured
- it betters aerodynamics
- it’s manufactured from ABS
- it has heightened resilience to high temperature
- it can be purchased in a number of surface structure varieties

This front splitter for Audi Q3 S-Line 8U Facelift   is a multi-purpose and advanced tuning element that lowers the perceived position of the bodywork, which gives the car a slick racing look. The splitter will bring the silhouette of this model forth and make driving even more enjoyable an experience. The front splitter is also a component responsible for a boost to aerodynamic. This is due to the increase in the pressure exerted on the front axle by the air flowing under the bumper which results in improved stability and traction. This front splitter by Maxton Design is available in three sorts of surface finish: textured, gloss, and carbon which gives you an opportunity to make your tuning more individual.

The Audi Q3 S-Line 8U Facelift   front splitter is produced out of ABS plastic which displays a high degree of resistance to damage, in addition to being characterized by substantial flexibility, and durability. ABS is very eagerly applied across the automotive industry where it serves not only in the making of visual tuning, but chiefly the standard elements of vehicle outfitting. This Maxton Design front splitter has been granted the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate and needs no painting before installation. Additionally, the item is coated with a special foil that protects it against exposure to UV light. Furthermore, ABS shows an extraordinary insusceptibility to mechanical and chemical damage, and it does not undergo deformation under the influence of extremely low or high temperatures.




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